The Ultimate Guide to Using Pinterest to Drive Traffic to your Website

Neha Singh
4 min readOct 19, 2020
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Do you want to increase Pinterest traffic to your website?

Unlike other emerging social networks, Pinterest should be taken seriously by the marketing brand. Pinterest attracts more visitors to individual blogs and websites than YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn combined. Pinterest can be a great source of traffic as long as you can create visual content in your niche. But it's not that easy to share a link and wait for people to visit your website. You have to be strategic.

Here are 7 ways to use Pinterest to drive more organic traffic to your website.

1. Create Valuable Pins

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Your main goal is to create pin-worthy content as Pinterest is now focusing more on displaying Pins that lead to valuable resources and blog/article posts. Choose an image that represents your article and attract others to click on your source website. Use colorful, inspiring, and impressive photos.

2. Grow your Followers and Reach

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Having a large following is important, but surprisingly not as important as you might think. Rather than just focusing on growing your Pinterest followers, also focus on creating Pins that reach non-followers on Pinterest. To do this, you need to post relevant Pins that appeal to your target audience. As you provide more relevant Pins, Pinterest will show your Pins in “Picked for you” on a user’s feed, leading you to reach millions.

3. Use Relevant Keywords in Board Name and Description

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Board names, descriptions, and categories affect how your content appears in Pinterest search results. Use clear, descriptive, and relevant keywords in the titles and descriptions of your boards. Think about what your audience is looking for on Pinterest and accordingly try to incorporate relevant keywords.

4. Use Multiple Keywords in the Pin Descriptions

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Each of your original Pins should have Keyword-rich descriptions that are relevant to the content, just like we did for the board descriptions as the audience on Pinterest will either follow you or find you through keyword searches.

5. Increase your Repins

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Repins are also the most valuable items on Pinterest because they drive traffic to your website through the link. When you’re trying to rank first for certain keywords on Pinterest, the amount of repins you get over a period of time is an important factor in search ranking on the Pinterest pin that receives 50 Repins in 2 days is more likely to outperform than a pin that receives 50 Repins in 10 days.

Other factors that affect Pinterest search results are repinners and there click rates. If your repinners are active Pinterest users, you are more likely to rank higher in searches than inactive users.

6. Join a Group Board


A group board works like a regular Pinterest board, except you can invite other people to pin and join other people’s group boards. Joining group boards was more effective in increasing pin traffic. However, if you’re just starting out and want to expose your Pins to as many people as possible, joining group boards are always a good place to start. Finding the right group board is a great way to get your Pins to discover much faster than if you had to do it yourself.

7. Apply for Rich Pins

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Rich Pins are Pins that contain additional information that can be used to highlight Pins in the Pinterest feed. There are extensive pins for articles, products, recipes, movies, places, and apps. The two most popular Rich Pins on Pinterest are Rich Pins for Articles and Rich Pins for Products.

Bold headings on Rich Pin can help make them stand out on a user’s Pinterest feed and increase the chances of getting noticed and clicked.

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